Schumamcher Properties
Project: Rebecca Schumacher's legacy site was rife with show-stopping failures. Property images had to be loaded one at a time; if the sort order needed to change, previous images had to be deleted back to the point where the order changed, and then re-upoloaded in the correct order. The worst offense committed by the previous developers, though, was implementing a software library that re-generated image thumbnails... every time every user loaded every page... every time. The resource load was intensive, and the site was slooooooow. And that's all before any discussion of aesthetics, marketing, branding, etc.
Result: We create a gorgeous new design, supported by an elegantly simple and smart work flow. Images are now uploaded in entire folders. Image sort order is via simple drag and drop. Listing order is via simple drag and drop. Slideshows, walk scores and Google map links are all automatic.
Relevancy: It's not what you've got... it's how you use it. Let us apply our expertise to making your site do the heavy lifting, and lightening your workload. Measure twice, cut once!