About 5happy

5 happiness webmaster (‘5happy’) has been designing, building and programming smart database-driven websites since 1995. We are known for creative solutions and repeated successes in delivering websites that serve organizational needs while streamlining internal processes. We have extensive experience building database-driven websites and have developed an easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS) that gets highly customized to allow site owners to easily manage time-sensitive business data. Led by Bruce Linde, 5happy has built over 400 e-commerce and database-driven websites for companies including Lucent, Sun Microsystems, S1 Banking, CNNSI (Sports Illustrated), SoftBook, E.piphany, the California Medical Association, and USWeb/CKS.

5happy’s core strengths include:

  • extensive experience as cross-discipline, cross-platform specialists
  • a unique combination of technological skills, aesthetic sensibilities and marketing creativity
  • proactive communication skills and reality checks, emphasizing attention to detail and solid steps forward with no steps back
  • content management that eliminates on-going maintenance costs while providing enhance functionality
  • larger agency results at smaller agency pricing



Bruce Linde - Founder, System Architect/Lead Developer
5 Happiness Webmaster founder Bruce Linde began his high-tech career in project management, subsequently working in sales, marketing, and engineering from startups to five years at Sun Microsystems, in charge of his division's software and hardware releases. His technical leadership skills are based on work and experience in all of the various disciplines and processes required to create an effective and professional web presence, and add a significant breadth and depth of web project knowledge and experience to the discussion.

From designer to developer, stakeholder to back-end coder, production resource to team leader, Bruce’s cross-discipline strengths allow him to work directly and effectively with designers, programmers, stakeholders, and other key project resources… making him a truly unique, essential and invaluable resource for any web project. USWeb Senior Staff nicknamed him “the cleaner” for his repeated rescues of troubled projects and turnarounds of unhappy clients.


Alex Fraundorf - Web Developer
Alex is a PHP/SQL/jQuery/AJAX web application developer, published author and reviewer who does his best work late at night. Alex provides technical and best practices leadership and oversight, code reviews, and security audits. His favorite quote is from Socrates: “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.”

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