Website Design (& Maintenance)

tr_sFirst impressions are important… but so are usability, content management, organic search strength, and ease of maintenance… and branding… and security… and maximizing every marketing moment.

5happy builds websites that work for your customers and clients and you. Customized content management lets you update your website in real time, with no on-going maintenance expenses or delays. Automated scripts simplify work flow and free up internal resources. Security done right from the start lets you sleep at night.

We'll work with you on fonts, colors, layout, white space and usability. Because we're programmers used to wearing all the hats required to deliver successful websites, we'll create custom content management (CMS) and functionality to empower your site visitors and internal resources. And, we'll make sure your site is 'responsive' (RWD). As most internet traffic happens on mobile devices; it's important make sure every page of your website looks fantastic on all screen sizes across all platforms.

Here are some recent examples of websites we've built for our clients.

Case Studies

Schumacher Beggs


High-end Realtors Needed Branding Update

Executive Summary: A long-time client and high-end residential realtor needed the next redesign of her website to include her new partner and team.

Analysis: We had already provided the client with advanced real estate listing management tools in the previous version of her website, but it was time for the next revision. Some of those tools were a little outdated, but it was mostly a branding and marketing update.

Implementation: Branding, SEO hooks, listing tools and software libraries were all updated and refined. Additional functionality and spam protection for contact form submissions were also added.

Alameda Structural


Structural/Foundation Company Needed an Online Presence

Executive Summary: Alameda Structural has always had 8-10 jobs in motion... but needed an online presence, and brand re-enforcement.

Analysis: We went with WordPress, based on the client's familiarity with it. Many of the job site photos were unusable, mostly because we wanted them to show clean construction, and not (the client's excellent but nevertheless) tattooed workers drinking Red Bull while on break. 8-)

Implementation: We helped raise awareness about and select job site photos, meshed our content management tools with WordPress, and continue to assist as needed.

Tech Restore


Tech Company Desperately Needed Competent and Reliable Web Developers

Executive Summary: The company had been through a slew of apparently incompetent developers, leaving a tangled mess that didn't address business needs.

Analysis: What was apparently difficult to grasp for the previous developers made perfect sense to us, and didn't take that long to implement; the rest was fine-tuning.

Implementation: We built a totally custom and responsive e-commerce site, including a large suite of custom functionality such as auto-generated pre-paid UPS labels for customers sending in broken items for repair and back-end power tools for internal resources to help manage items in and out, We ended up building two other websites for them, as well.

Fine Fretted Instruments


Brick & Mortar Store Needed Online Marketplace

Executive Summary: Fine Fretted Instruments is brick-and-mortar store providing high-end violins, violas, and guitars to professional musicians, students and collectors.

Analysis: Because no one purchases expensive musical instruments without first playing them, FFI needed a website that would entice users to want to come play them. That meant the site needed to offer high-quality photos and videos, as well as information about each instrument.

Implementation: We created a visual design that made the instrument photos 'pop' on the page, and built simple-but-powerful password-protected content management system that would allow FFI to easily manage their online inventory listings. Additional functionality provided included drag-and-drop image uploading, automatic image resizing, drag-and-drop sort ordering, automatic embedding of videos, built-in spam protection on the 'Contact Us' form, and more.



Auction House Needed Real-time Updates via Automation

Executive Summary: Michaans has an internal database used to manage the very complicated process of tracking auctions, lots (items being auctioned), lot photos, buyers, sellers, sales and more. They were constantly struggling to replicate content on the website that was already in the internal database… and it wasn't going well.

Analysis: The client had spent years refining their internal database and processes. Instead of re-inventing the wheel, we suggested having the website be a reflection of the internal database... integrated with our custom content management system so they could fine-tune at will.

Implementation: Nightly cron jobs (automated scripts) upload auction info and images to the server, where more scripts add the info to the website database, re-size images, alert internal resources about successful imports and/or missing images. Hourly crons check for updates, to keep the website in sync with day-to-day operations. Overall, a very complicated process simplified to free up internal resources.

Anne Herrera


Another realtor site with custom, easy-to-use back-end listing and image content management. This one wanted a warmer, more intimate and personal look and feel.

Norheim Yost Commercial Brokers


A totally custom and responsive site for commercial realtors, with additional functionality to support uploading of listing-specific docs such as floor plans and lot maps.

In A Nutshell WholeSale Nuts


A custom e-commerce website for a wholesale nut company. Online purchases are either shipped or slated for local pickup. Love their phone number: 888.NUTS.2.YOU.   8-)

RRIPS Route Relievers


RRIPS provides drivers to the food industry. They needed a front-facing branding/marketing site, and a major back-end application that would allow regional managers to monitor district managers tracking and recording driver hours... to Department of Transportation specifications.

Blossom Foods


Blossom Foods provides delicious soft-textured foods to people with swallowing disorders, serving individual consumers and healthcare institutions. Because consumer products are shipped by the case, the custom-coded shopping cart lets shopper know how many more items are needed to fill each case... in real time. 5happy has been with Blossom since the beginning and have helped take online sales from not much to over $25k/month.

Website Maintenance & Audits

5happy offers several website maintenance options for busy professionals:

  • Custom content management systems (CMS) for those who want to update their sites themselves
  • Monthly maintenance services for updating content and images
  • Copywriting and content creation
  • Regularly schedule website audits and reviews

Why go to the trouble of building a top-notch website and then not maintain it? Keeping your website current is essential.

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